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Check if Sharepoint page is in edit mode No ratings yet.

To check whether the page is in edit mode or not we need to check value of parameter “MSOLayout_InDesignMode“.

Below is the JavaScript snippet using which we can easily check whether the page is in edit mode or not.

This will refer to value of the following html input control, which is rendering on the page when it is in edit mode:

Similary, for Wiki pages  you need to check _wikiPageMode parameter.

var wikiInEditMode = document.forms[MSOWebPartPageFormName]._wikiPageMode.value;

For publishing pages we can also check it using this:

This returns true or false.







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Get selected checkbox values 5/5 (1)

In this article, we will see how to get all the selected checkboxes in array.

Before implementing this functionality in your webpage, make sure you have added the JQuery file:

Let’s consider we have below piece of HTML code :

Below is the JQuery or JavaScript snippet:







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Check device width height No ratings yet.





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